Nicole & Rodney's Boston City Hall Elopement

Nicole reached out to us at a hectic time in our lives (a mere 3 weeks ago). Krista was away on a job in LA. I had just wrapped a project in Connecticut and was back in Boston prepping for our move to the South End. Nicole emailed on a Monday telling us of her upcoming elopement with Rodney at Boston City Hall. She told us that they were ecstatically eloping on Friday. And that it would be incredibly intimate. She hoped that we could photograph the day, even on such short notice.

We were moving on Saturday. There was still packing to do. But f**k it! I was in.

I spent the afternoon with Nicole, Rodney, and some of their closest family and friends. This couple is beautiful inside and out and by the end of the shoot I felt truly honored to be a part of their intimate wedding day. We spent time wandering through some of their (and my) favorite Boston neighborhoods, stopping along the way to take in the surroundings and a few (a lot of) photos. I couldn't be happier for these two as they start their life together.