Joanna & Courtney's Wedding

We arrived at the Lyman Estate on a beautiful July day and were so pleased with what we saw. Lush grounds, a picturesque mansion, and not one but two delightful brides. 

Oh man, for a vintage fanatic like myself Joanna & Courtney's wedding was a dream come true. The Lyman Estate provided the perfect backdrop of sophistication and charm. The house itself is filled with so much character, each room with it's own unique personality. We had so much fun photographing these two gorgeous women throughout the house and the stunning grounds. 

Joanna & Courtney's wedding was personal, tasteful and filled with love. From the handmade center pieces to a pie station for desert you could sense the love of the two brides seeping through every little detail. I mean come on people, who needs wedding cake when you can get down with some good ol' pie? The night finished off with some serious throw back hits which kept the party going and kept the crowd coming back to the dance floor. Well done you two! 

- Krista