Maia & Philip's Wedding

I have been friends with Maia since the 8th grade. We were inseparable during one of the most difficult times in many people's lives, high school. We spent lunch hour in the bathroom giving each other pep talks and redoing our hair. We dated best friends which kept us pretty much attached at the hip. And even after high school when our lives took us to different parts of the country and the world, we remained a rock for the other to lean on. 

We ended up getting married in the same summer and I felt truly special to be part of her wedding. Dave and I made the 12 hour drive from Boston to Prince Edward Island, where we spent 3 amazing nights on a truly magical island. PEI is a place that instantly tugs at your soul. It is a place that is integral to Maia & Philip's love story. And their wedding weekend felt like they were letting the rest of us in on their secret. I am so beyond happy for these two. They are true soul mates and I feel so lucky to consider them both among our closest friends.